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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Freedom of Choice?

Andreas Mamet The decisions we make are based on our core believes. Those core believes are mostly hidden from our awareness. We do not have freedom of choice, as our choices are controlled by those core believes.

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Hernan Hormillosa
Hernan Hormillosa
... those core beliefs prompt automatic feelings, which in turn ignite automatic behavior; however; such beliefs can be changed by pausing, retreating into deep silence, contemplation/reflection, and allowing Wisdom to come into one's being... as one reviews one's life... and in continual dialogue with another being with opposite core belief. A case in point was F. W. de Klerk of South Africa who turned around and renounced apartheid. So, yes, there is hope for humankind and peace....
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Andreas Mamet
Andreas Mamet
Yes, there is hope and there is access to awareness ....
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Andreas Mamet
Andreas Mamet
and yes, the amazing thing is that this matrix of core believes creates automatic responses, feelings, etc....
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Andreas Mamet Understanding this primal truth about behavior choices is enormously helpful in comprehending our own modalities of action and those of others. It explains why we and others must behave the way we do and cannot otherwise, unless we break the code of those core believes. Then we might be able to break jail. Meanwhile, do not expect too much from other jail inmates. They are in prison, wanting out, too. Maybe.

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