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Saturday, October 03, 2009


In order to be successful in providing alleviation of suffering, it becomes a necessity to provide the individual who suffers not only with instant relief, even though this is possible for adepts who have reached the level of significant cultivation, but more importantly it is imperative to show to the individual the methods by which s/he has created the suffering in the first place.

The suffering was created by attitudes and actions that are not in harmony with the Laws of the Universe. They are based on the Core Belief of Separation and the consequent fears and greed-oriented behavior typical for the scarcity consciousness we uphold when we believe us separate and therefore engage in competition with others for the assumedly limited resources we believe will bring us happiness.

Therefore, if we encounter a source capable of alleviating suffering, this source ideally will show to us all the methods that we engage in that produce the suffering. And this is exactly the point where things can become critical to the point of very critical. Because as the adept points out the erroneous behavior models and decisions that cause the suffering, even when the message is conveyed with skill, it still represents a form of criticism.

Basically, what the adept says, because you did not know better, you made this error of choice. It is natural that we do not like somebody telling us we made a mistake. It hurts. Just as it hurts when we go to a doctor who has to make an incision to free us from a malignant growth. The doctor will both cut and, if very competent, point to what caused the malignant growth to be there in the first place and suggest to us to avoid repeating the behavior that brought the growth into existence.

At this point the reactions of the patient will begin to display a vast spectrum of responses. On the one polarity of the spectrum we find a humble acceptance of the analysis of how the suffering was created and consequent sincere efforts of connecting the dots between decision and result, thereby not re-producing the same suffering. The patient here is mature and strong enough for the task at hand.

On the other polarity of the spectrum of response we find a denial and refusal, because the patient focuses on his wrong choices and because he thus highlights the feeling of being criticized, will react and fight the presentation of the valid diagnosis of his suffering. The patient here is not mature and strong enough for the task of self-correction.

When a person has made the decision of really looking for Spiritual Awakening AND is in contact with an Adept who operates on a substantial level of cultivation, there is really no guarantee as to how or when awakening experiences will take place. Not even with a Buddha or Christ there is that guarantee. But, you can be guaranteed that such closeness will show to us our inner demons and shadows, the parts about us we are least willing to face but are deeply responsible for our suffering. This process can be challenging and overwhelming.

And when an adept shows those parts to us, we know that the adept is not hoping for gratitude. He merely hopes that we do not kick him in the head as a method of paying for his attempts to help and heal, because he understands the truly complex nature of being in the business of soul surgery.


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