A Journey In Consciousness

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The time is now...

It is said that nothing is more powerful than an idea for which its time has come. And I say that nothing can stop Consciousness wishing to birth itself through many forms once the time for it has come. And that time has arrived. You are living in it.

So, never mind if you have a sense of a lot of things seeming to collapse, including some structures in your life that seemed rather vital to you. It is merely part of an overall very positive process.

But just like a seed being in a state of disagreement with the experience of breaking and ... help, what is sprouting out of me!.... so are we in disagreement with all the cracking and splintering going on all around us.

Let us breathe and relax into the process.

So, let us settle in the Here and Now together, let us renounce stepping only one second into the future with worry, one second back in the past with regret. That might be the ultimate meaning of renunciation.... Let's do it together.... since we are in this ... together.


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