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Monday, November 30, 2009

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Andreas Mamet "Average humanity is lost because it has no code to live by and no vision to live for." Andreas Mamet

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Ilga Misane
Ilga Misane
I like how you expressed it but how do you define "average humanity"? And maybe, so-called humanity is lost when and because the connection with the Source (Light) is lost. The Source is the Light and without this Light humanity is pushed back into the Darkness and has no Vision. No Light, no Vision. Source=Light. Light=Vision?
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Andreas Mamet
Andreas Mamet
People that have no code to live by and no vision to live for ARE average humanity. If you wish to analyze this deeper, you could say that many people do have codes of behavior and they do pursue something. That may be true, but if you those things do not illuminate your face and your being, the codes and pursuits are illusion and trivia based. They lack existential substance that does not burn up in the Face of God. A true code and a true vision does not burn up when you get close to God, it merely gets enhanced and amplifiied. It gets the stamp of approval. Personally, I wish to live my life is such a way that it makes the Buddhas smile and nod. I want to know that God says, well done my chap....

You can feel this at the end of the day. That is why Sufis pray, Oh God, let the words of my mouth and the actions from my heart .... BE ACCEPTABLE IN THY SIGHT. There are life choices that are not acceptable to the Heavens and there are life choices ... that are. And even a wasted life that is of no creative consequence, I believe is not acceptable. Just my opinion....
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