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Friday, July 06, 2007

Reasons to hope

I just looked at my Le Monde pen and it said: “Des raisons d’espérer” – reasons to hope- and I thought that’s a great title for an article in my own newspaper, this blog you are reading at this very moment in time.

Hope is not a happening. It is a by-product of your conscious choice. Hope happens when you choose to focus on a persisting seedling breaking through the fresh soil. Hope arises when you pay attention to the birds singing in a full-on celebration mode in the middle of the chaos of a huge city. And there blossoms hope when you read about a powerful man electing to spend his money to uplift the quality of life on this planet.

There exists a beautiful Sufi story. Once there was a man who refused to see anything but beauty. No matter what the situation was, he found the positive aspect of it. This drove some people crazy. So they decided to find a situation that was clearly devoid of any redeeming qualities. They found the corpse of a dog that lay decaying in the streets. It was truly a horrible sight and stench.

They took him to the corpse and said, “Here, look at this. What is beautiful about this sight?”

The man did not hesitate for a second and immediately pointed to the dog’s teeth and said: ”Look at these teeth. They are shiny like pearls. Have you ever seen beautiful teeth like this?”

The story is magnificent. It demonstrates the difference between a positive and negative focus.

Of course, the common ego-mind structure will say that this represents the attitude of denial. That would be the CNN-type of thing to say.

The man simply understood this: If you choose to focus on what is beautiful, abundant and positive, you generate an electric-magnetic current that will draw to you still more positive life aspects. If you focus on the negative, you generate more negative experiences in your life.

This is the insight of the mystic, not the understanding of the common man.

Focus on what is positive in your life and observe the positive growing and expanding.

Train yourself to do this every day and every second of your life and witness an awe-inspiring magic unfold in your life, casually, like grass growing in spring rain.

Do it and enjoy your day.


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