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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ancient Prayer

There exists an ancient prayer that says, "Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight."

Could I add something, I would pray "and let the actions of my life be acceptable in thy sight."

This is a tremendously meaningful prayer.

It acknowledges that our lives can be lived either in or out of synchronicity with the Greater Universal Intelligence.

And furthermore, I might also ask, "and prevent me from omitting the words and actions that should be said and done." By that I imply that there are times when our omissions may have even greater consequences than our actions. An encouraging word not spoken, a helping hand not extended --- to me represent the human crime of omission that may come in many shades and degrees.

As we grow and evolve as souls, it is hoped for that we enter into a living contact with the Greater Universal Intelligence; that we become capable of allowing that Presence to pulsate through us in a myriad of expressions, thereby tangibly manifesting this Presence on this planet in the ways of interactive wisdom, compassion and power.

This is the potential that resides in all of us and acquiring the key to unlocking this potential is not only our birthright, but also our obligation as Universal Citizens.

This key can only be found and used if we initiate a process of going deep into the core of our being and pass through the many layers and veils of our mind and emotions. This is a formidable obstacle course and therefore the journey is not for feeble spirits and hesitant hearts.

It is only for those who heard the Great Call of the Soul, for those who are willing and determined to enter into the process of awakening and free themselves of all the layers of illusion that keep the average human trapped in ignorance and that support the sleep of the soul.

It is interesting to note that the average mind will feel instantly offended when told "How about waking up,"as it believes that, because of the movements of the body, mind and emotions, it already and clearly ... is alive and awake.

It will feel offended and be reactive to the apparent criticism of itself, because it has never tasted a single moment of Existential Awakening. Therefore, there are no points of reference. This compares perfectly to a person sleeping and then waking up in the morning. Only upon waking do we realize that we just slept. The sleeper does not know he is sleeping.

This is our reality. We move and act. Yet we are existentially asleep. Only an explosion of consciousness will break the sleep and reveal that we are living on a planet of sleepwalkers.

And the best thing to do if moving among sleepwalkers ... is to move very carefully.


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