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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Meaning of Success, Part 2: The Universal Citizen

Once a human being has, in some fashion or other, activated power, wealth, fame, this by itself remains actually a neutral event. It is neutral just like electricity is neutral and then finds expression by being coupled with human intention.

Once the Universe releases the power of success into an individual's life, it quietly observes what the individual does (or does not do) with that success.

The way success is handled then will demonstrate who this person truly is. S/he will show where s/he exists on the vast spectrum of life. It now will become clear whether we face a contracted, self-absorbed state of mind or an expanded human being who is ready to embrace the position of Universal Citizen, ready to use the clout of success to introduce positive and uplifting changes into the world.

A Universal Citizen exists in a state of vibrantly alive interaction with the world. A Universal Citizen responds to what enters into her awareness, and the responses are based upon wisdom, compassion and generosity. The actions of a Universal Citizen are furthermore based upon a deep sense of feeling connected with Life itself. It is because Life pulsates intensely and beautifully through her that she may reach out and respond compassionately to a situation across the globe.

In order to be a Universal Citizen, a heightened state of awareness is needed. A Universal Citizen is existentially advanced by her highly developed capacity to feel.

We live in a time where and increasing number of successful individuals are beginning to recognize themselves as Universal Citizens, even though they might not define themselves in that way.

I can see this unfolding trend and it brings gladness into my heart and adds hope unto this planet. The invitation is extended. Why not become a Universal Citizen?


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