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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cannes - Lyon - Paris - London - Cairos

During a single day it is possible to travel through multiple dimensions. This has reached a point that I feel much more time has passed during 24 hours than just those 24 hours. Days or months seem at times to be encapsulated into a single day. Psychological time.... is moving in a different way. What the overall feeling here is ... being at the right moment at the right place. There is a word for this ... Cairos.

I found this when I researched the term....
"Kairos" is an ancient Greek word. Today, it sometimes appears as "cairos". Some definitions are: "At the perfect moment" --- "Cairos is the ability to recognize the most suitable time for doing something. Moreover, it is indeed an art to act within the eternal flow of time in search of a way that, catching the right moment for an action, actually ensures its success."

Something to meditate on, I feel.

We are in Lyon right now with our friends Solange and Bernard and will be back in Paris shortly. My friend Richard invited us to come to London in August, so scheduling continues to self-arise in a way that is magical, surprising and fulfilling.


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