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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Soul's Quantum Leap Into Remembrance

It takes a tremendous and radical shift within one's consciousness to stop and present oneself the following question: Am I, as a soul, doing what I have come here to do on this planet?

To stand in the blazing fire of this question can only be a most purifying experience. It will bring insights, revelations and answers that will have the power to initiate radical changes in one's life. Radical changes being something our mind-ego structure dislikes and eyes suspiciously.

The question will bring to the forefront of our awareness any dissatisfaction that may reside at the core of our being.

Additionally, it is most interesting to note that there are places, situations and people which, on the one hand can function in active support of who we are as awakening, creating souls, and on the other hand prevent and sabotage the soul's claiming of itself, keeping it mired in illusion and attached to what is existentially meaningless and inconsequential.

I also realize that for each soul there are cities it should avoid. And there are cities that will bring out its very best, the wisest and the most beautiful. I discovered this as I began moving across the planet and noticed that my soul's expressions were greatly encouraged in some areas and downright sabotaged in others. I wish to bring attention to this in the hope to initiate some reflections along those lines.

These days, as I meet people, I sometimes stop and quietly ask inside, "Who are you as a soul and what is your relationship to my own soul?" This simple technique is becoming an extremely revealing and helpful tool as it assists me in properly identifying the existential modalities of the individual before me.


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