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Saturday, June 23, 2007

No Buddha Ever Dies

In 1999, Raylene and I created one of our first websites. It was based on an AOL account. When we left the AOL service, the site disappeared. I had not anticipated this and so all the text had disappeared. So it seemed. Several weeks ago I bought a book in Lyon - The Google Story. The book was very informative in many ways. I discovered there was a site that had archived every known website for over 10 years. I went to the site and keyed in the name of my lost website. And, amazingly, it showed up, minus all the graphics.

So, here is an article written in 1999 that remains close to my heart. You can also find the site at The Power of Invocation

No Buddha Ever Dies

By Andreas Mamet

Here I was, in the heart of Asia, sitting in meditation, listening to a living Buddha say these words. "It is from the passionate longing of your heart that you can contact any Buddha, from any time." These words struck me like lightning and I knew in my core that these words were utterly true.

It was then, in the late 70s, that the Science of Invocation began to enter my life.

It is now 1999, more than 20 years later and living close to the heart of Mount Shasta, California, that I look back upon innumerable hours of invocation practice that have deepened my understanding of this truth.

One of the results of many hours of Calling The Buddhas is a sense of tangible grace that has arisen in the wake of practicing invocations. I experience a deep gratitude, because my life has changed in so many wonderful ways. In my view, the only way to express this gratitude is by sharing with others my insights into the dynamics of invocation.

In India, the Science of Tantra has existed for many thousands of years. What is Tantra? There are many different, multi-dimensional aspects to the world of Tantra.

The aspect I wish to address begins when inside the individual there arises a deep longing ... to know and experience God first hand. This longing is the basis of all true spiritual endeavors. It is by the power of this longing that the individual will gradually draw near to him/herself a deepening intimate relationship with the Divine. It is this longing that will bring to the individual new situations, new people and new, highly impactful methods that will create a tangible empowerment in his/her life. It is this longing that will bring about transformation.

In Asia, this longing has long been known. The persons who were captured by it, became sannyasins. A sannyasin is a person whose life is utterly dedicated to God Realization. In the West, when this longing struck, people have often renounced the world, withdrawn into monasteries to engage in practices designed to bring them closer to the Divine.

When this longing is felt intensely, the seeker may be consumed by feeling that arises from the very depth of her heart. It may express like this: "Oh God, I wish to see You, feel You at all times. Remove from me all veils that prevent me from seeing You. Oh God, I wish to merge with You completely. Let me drown in Your Presence utterly."

From the point of view of the Indian mystic, this outpouring would constitute a Tantric request. The request to experience union with the Deity.

While it is entirely feasible to proceed in this manner of calling forth invisible Divine Presence, many religions have provided visible gates through which to pass, upon which this longing for the absolute experience can be focused and funneled. These were beings who had merged with the Divine, who represented full God Realization. Their individual existence had merged with the Divine. The drop disappeared into the ocean. They had ceased to exist as limited consciousness.

Once this disappearance had taken place, there was no longer any difference between the Divine Ocean and the individual. The individual has ceased to exist as an ego. The individual had become a rare outlet for the Divine Ocean. A port, so to speak, to enter the Divine.

In the Asian context, such an individual would be called a Buddha - an Awakened One. Over the millennia, many beings have existed who have actualized this state beyond all states. Gautama Buddha, Nagarjuna, Tilopa, Milarepa, Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyal. They lived this experience. Meera and Rumi, in the context of Sufism in the Middle East, were such gates into the Divine. Theresa of Avila and St. Francis were Enlightened Ones in the Christian context. Every culture had Awakened Ones who lived this oceanic experience.

Since there is no difference between an Awakened One and the Absolute, they can be utilized as vehicles into the Divine Experience. Through invoking them - the Absolute is invoked. The existence of the Awakened one, their functioning as Gates Into Consciousness - is a true blessing. It is much easier for the seeker to initially relate to a form as a relay station into the formless than to leap into the Unknown without this tangible help.

Over time it has become obvious that Buddhas, just like people in everyday life, differ from one another. In some, the presence of Wisdom may be more active. In others, Love may be emphasized. Another Awakened one may display magical qualities and Divine Power. Consequently, if the seeker adds a particular request to the invocation, it is helpful to address a specific Buddha who represents the Divine Aspect that is sought for.

As said, I have worked with invocations for a long time. However, since Raylene has come into my life, I have observed a fine tuning arise as a result of the powerful chemistry that takes place between us. Whereas before I simply invoked the Buddhas, sometime after I met Raylene it occurred to me to invoke and directly offer our bodies, hearts and souls. This was a spontaneous unfolding. It takes us one large step closer to merging with the Divine, since this is the ultimate goal of invocation and meditation. And frankly, might that not be the ultimate goal of life itself?

When Divine Beings are successfully invoked, the reality of the invoking individual shifts dramatically. The individual does not remain in the realm of belief, thought or speculation, wondering if something may or may not happen. I remember the time when I worked heavily with invoking Archangel Michael. The invocational practices gained critical mass until one afternoon my reality shifted completely and all of a sudden it felt as if I was standing right in the middle of a pillar of fire. It was as if every single atom of my body was charged with this immensely high-powered electricity. It was tremendously wonderful. Healing and rejuvenation was poured into every cell of my existence.

With the practice of invocation, tangible results follow. Why do they follow? They have to. With invocation, a Divine Law is activated. That Divine Law permeates the entire Universe. It is "Ask and ye shall be given."

There are two kinds of invocations. In one you simply offer your body, heart and soul to the Divine (in the form of an Awakened Being) for the pure purpose of merging. In another type of invocation you offer your body, heart and soul and you add a request to the initial invocation. To me personally the context of the request here is always one of healing, of bringing alleviation of suffering, of bringing joy and abundance. I feel that within the context of compassion, any request is justified. If the intention is pure, the results will be, too.

Invocations can be used within the context of any Divine Pantheon. If you love communion with Angels, that is wonderful. Invocations will be a perfect tool for you. Since I personally am drawn to the Pantheon of The Buddhas, I will use examples accordingly. But know that you can use the invocations toward any Divine Being.

Within the world of art, science or athletics, the ones that will become most efficient are those who practice every day, for hours, for decades with unceasing determination. The pianist that brings down sounds from heaven --- has practiced six hours every day for most of his life. The baseball player who brings his team to success: his focus has been one-pointed for a long, long time. The same applies to the science of invocation. The longer you practice it, the shorter the time to the point of critical mass - the point of the Divine Response.

Sometimes it happens that we are tied to certain karmic blockages. In that case, you may need more time, effort, perhaps a little prayerful help from your friends.


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