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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Money - The Final Frontier

Money is the final frontier of consciousness. Before a man is capable of sharing even a part of his money with another human being, a quantum shift has to take place. Since the ego-mind structure is usually in command, a revolutionary leap must happen for control to shift to the heart. Once this shift happens, it becomes possible for a man to utilize wealth power in compassionate ways.

The mind-ego structure, however, will fight to keep control. Therefore, to to get past its drive to retain control is a huge undertaking. Nevertheless, it can happen effortlessly, in a single moment that unfolds swift as lightning and brings deep insight into the Nature of All and the underlying connectedness of all living beings.

But often the Universe is compelled to finally provide the tool of suffering to awaken to this insight.

Money is the most powerful outer force on the planet. It will build or destroy entire countries, create an oasis in a desert, change despair into hope, and restore dignity where there was none. Hence the distribution of money needs to be included into the network of compassion in some fashion or other. Its power to alleviate suffering is immense.

It is the ability to utilise money as a vehicle for compassion that is part of the Noble Mind.


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