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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Super Consciousness

In my dreamtime last night I observed a man flying. He simply flew without any external means, as if gravity did not exist for him.

The people on the ground saw him and he said: “You can see this, yet you do not understand what you see, its unusualness, nor do you understand the ways of how to suspend gravity…”

This dream is meaningful in many ways.

The average consciousness is not able to truly grasp what it is looking at when interfacing with a significantly expanded state of consciousness. It can be face-to-face, but simultaneously not really seeing or comprehending.

Right now, at this very moment in time, there are beings on this planet of such utterly expanded consciousness and evolved intelligence, they compare to the average human consciousness in the way the latter would compare to a mouse, and I mean no offense to the mouse, which we know to be a much more peace-loving creature than many humans.

Such beings exist and their inner reality is of such amazing luminosity and clarity, it would boggle the mind.

Just for a moment, allow your imagination to roam free. Imagine the Great White Wizard came to you and touched you with his magic wand. Suddenly, the bubble of your consciousness was starting to expand, past your physical body, growing bigger than your room, your house, your town. It continued to expand, beyond the planet, beyond this star system … and further.

By now we have exhausted the capacity of even the wildest imagination.

And yet such experiences are within the range of human potential and possibility. In his “Autobiography of a Yogi,” Yogananda describes the experience of Cosmic Consciousness in similar ways.

However, once such experiences start for an individual, many complexities arise. For one, s/he begins to separate severely from the average human state of consciousness. Such experiences transport the individual into the realm of the existentially rare and precious, what I called in other writings the realm of significant cultivation. If this were a form of the materially rare and precious, we could say a person had turned billionaire.

And, how do most people respond to billionaires? They respond with envy and jealousy; because the heart and soul are usually last in line to be given opportunity to respond. The human mind/ego structure usually has first vote and will come in for swift judgment. As a general rule, it is incapable of being happy for somebody else.

However, in many ways the outer billionaire is much better off than the inner billionaire. The outer billionaire will buy an army of body guards, TV-stations and communication satellites that will collectively kick your butt to the other side of the planet if you behave with only the slightest disrespect.

The inner billionaire seldom comes equipped with these capacities. Therefore, they are often left vulnerable to ignorant blindness at best and malicious violence at worst.

Imagine, what would your reaction be if someone came before you and say: ”I experience galaxies within my being?”

What would you say?

Yet this is precisely what Yogananda experienced and many other mystics across time and space.

The response of the heart and soul would be … oh, yes, can you please show me how I could experience this too?

And the ego would say: “Put him into the psych ward and drug him!” Or, ”why bother, let us crucify him. He clearly does not belong to our tribe.”

Most psychiatrists, when presented with the experiences of the mystics would in all seriousness suggest the former. And the latter occurred with sad and shocking historical regularity.

In my dreams last night I also saw that there was a very small number of people in current-day mental asylums that had powerful mystic experiences, but were not in a position of strength and power to shield themselves from the ignorance and violence of the mass mind.

Even in so-called spiritual circles very few people will be happy for you if you have experienced powerful explosions of consciousness, simply because the principle of ego-based competition exists perfectly well in the realm of spiritual activities.

Therefore, as a matter of self-protection, it is best to be quiet about such experiences. For example, don’t write about them in your blog …((((laughter)))

Some time ago a woman suggested to me, since I had an “interest” in Samadhi, to go to such and such site for my education… I response, I sent her to my own site with articles I had written about my Samadhi experiences, which has started in my life when I was 20. This was the last time that I heard from her. My information was not processed by the heart, but by the competing ego-structure.

Yes, isolation arises in a most peculiar way in the wake of experiences of powerful expansion of consciousness. And the deeper and higher the individual evolves, the more pronounced will the isolation become. As I said in one of my writings before, “What separates a Buddha from mankind is her complete oneness with it.”

”The truth that can be expressed is not the truth,” said Lao Tzu. Someone else said: “I am the Tathagata, the perfectly enlightened one.”

So, shall we accuse the latter of being deluded for saying this? Well, it was Shakyamuni Buddha who said this and indeed he was accused of this many times.

Could it be there are times when a person says something and it is actually just factual?

Everything that we hear, can be subjected to the test of truth. Simply remind yourself to ask deep within, “What degree of falsehood or truth am I facing?” You are invited to practice this with today’s writing.

Enjoy your day.


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