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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Port Grimaud

We are currently in Port Grimaud, after having spend a simply delightful time with Maria Teresa in Valros, near B├ęziers.

The delightful time in continuing now. We have been invited by Olivier and his lovely girlfriend Albine and are currently guests at his house here in Port Grimaud. This town is also called Venice of France, because of its extensive canal system of which you can see a small part in the picture above.

My friend Neil would take one look at this area and say, yup, serious realm of the gods. We are directly at the yacht harbor; so this is what we see all around - yachts. If not yachts; then mazeratis and jags and ferraris. There is such a dream-like quality of leisure here, from my perspective it seems easy to completely send the soul into serious sleep time. But what a wonderful breeding ground for the ultimate experience of dissatisfaction, because; how bad can it get if you have it all and wake up in the morning to find yourself deeply dissatisfied and unhappy? This can be seen on many faces - the great disappointment in the face of success and success not delivering. We have everything; but not the access to one's soul...


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