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Saturday, July 21, 2007


The other day we saw Rennes-le-Chateau and the surrounding areas. You probably know how Rennes-le-Chateau acquired its fame.
One day, late 18th century, Father Sauniere was in his little church and discovered something in one of the pillars. To this day it is not clear what he found, but after that day, Father Sauniere displayed incredible wealth. He started constructing building in the village in a lavish fashion which would cost millions of todays euros or dollars. The presbytery was one of several building projects Saunière launched around the village. He renovated the interior and exterior of the local church, built a grand estate (the Villa Bethania) for himself, a promenade along the end of the village, and a tower on a local hill -- a personal library called the 'Tour Magdala' which resembles the Tower of David in Jerusalem, called the 'Migdal David'. (from wikipedia)

At one point, after his death, his housekeeper-lover was seen burning huge amounts of francs (at the time of conversion from old to new francs).
You can google Berenger Saunière for more info.

The town is astoundingly small and beautiful. It is on top of a hill and though not too high, the views are breathtaking and somehow the images are lingering with me.


At 2:05 AM, Blogger Solange said...

Hello both of you. We just came back from our one week vacation. Great ! and during these, I read the book of K. Mc Gowan 'the expected one'. Did you read it ? speaking about Magdalena, Rennes le Château (where we went last year).. What do you think about the content of the book ? Other question : did you climb the Bugarach ? Love, SolAnge & Bernard often thinking of you (especially during meditation practice).


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