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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Good, the Clear and the Masterly

We live in interesting times.

Across the planet we have some people who have powerful awakening experiences, but who have lived ordinary lives without any spiritual practice of any kind. (Their awakening may have been triggered by extraordinary high modalities of suffering.) While their experiences are precious and genuine, the fact that they arise as shifts in consciousness without any prior work or preparation - in this life - leaves the very same people without a map of "how to get there" ("there" actually being HereNow).

When asked, "did you do anything for it?" the reply is "Nope. I did nothing at all."

This causes them to promote the message that "there is nothing to do, no work to be done."

That is like saying there is nothing that needs to happen for the chicken to lay an egg. True, perhaps. But for the egg to produce a chicken, many things have to go right.

As there exists no map for such a being, they do not know to provide no map other than saying: "You are already it."

What we have in such a situation is awakening minus the masterly (and minus any type of past life recall that would reveal massive amounts of inner work having been done). Only the masterly has developed, over extremely long periods of time, the capacity to guide properly, step-by-step, with full knowledge of the complete list of all the hazards and disctractions possible along the journey.

The masterly will know to provide an astoundingly and detailed guidance necessary, and furthermore, will know how to engineer a climate wherein such experiences can happen to others.

It is an art and a science. It is most precious.


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