A Journey In Consciousness

Monday, July 16, 2007

La Celle St. Cloud, Paris and Tokyo

With the internet becoming more sophisticated every day, it becomes easy to see where the readers of this blog are located. Most of them are in North America. But there are some very avid readers especially in La Celle St. Cloud, Paris and Tokyo. I am hopeful the information found here is inspiring.

This blog is designed to be a map in consciousness, and the entries aim at providing explanations for dimensions that are rather hidden in the first place and, once contacted, not necessarily easy to express.

If you use the search feature on top of the blog, you can key in special terms of your interest to assist you in finding related material. Meditation, Samadhi, Compassion will bring up quite a few entries, for example. Yoga, ego-mind also will get you in touch with pieces that I hope will be helpful, if not inspiring.

So, thank you for all your interest!
Andreas Mamet


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