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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Dynamics of Meditation

With a few exceptions, most meditation techniques present you with a point or process of focusing. The basic and classical focus points are the chakras. The chakras are points in the body that represent gates into consciousness. These gates will open once a process of focusing on them is started.

Here is what will happen if your focus on the chakras bears fruit:

Initially, as one focuses, for example on the point between the eyes, one will not feel much. Very quickly it becomes clear that holding attention on any part of the body - or anything at all - is actually very difficult.

Let us say, in spite of the fact that we feel nothing, we do not give up. We continue to focus on the spot between the eyebrows. After some time the process of concetrating in the way will turn the seed-like point; initially not at all perceived, into expanding space of consciousness. This space can expand beyond the confines of your body in ways unimaginable.

Whereas consciousness is normally a tiny presence associated with the body, now the body becomes a tiny point within your consciousness.This is what happens when your chakra awakens.

Therefore we can say that an inactive, dormant chakra is infinite consciousness miniaturized and encapsulated into a tiny seed-like point in your body. An activating, awakening chakra is the seed of consciousness expanding again. It is consciousness remembering itself and in that rememberance recognizing its infinite nature that was not lost, merely veiled.

Practice: Visualize a + between your eyebrows. Focus on the center where the lines meet. You will find your attention wander. Bring it back, over and over again.

Do this for 30 minutes.

NOTE: Once the space actually opens, one will feel inclined to respond with shock and awe and drop the effort of concentration. Attempt to maintain concentration inspite of the surprise and the space expanding as long as possible.


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