A Journey In Consciousness

Monday, February 05, 2007

Nighttime Journey

By Andreas Mamet
© 2007

During dreamtime I often go to Asia where I find myself immersed in experiences that are necessary for the evolution of my soul.

Last night, however, there was a journey that was unusual in my world of experience. I traveled to South America, to Chile. I journeyed into the world that is the domain of the Native Shaman, where the Spirits of Nature rule.

This is a world where nothing is as it appears to be, where everything is endowed with the Living Spirit and the slightest creature imbued with existential meaning.

A rock acquires a face and speaks to you. It will say something astoundingly relevant to your life. It is a world of magic and tremendous forces. It is also a world that is extremely regulated by unseen and hidden protocol. This protocol, if ignored and broken, will swiftly extract a price to pay from the uninformed transgressor

In this world, one MUST know where the path is. One MUST not step outside of it. This is not easy, because one does not see any path. Imagine going through the jungle and being told, “Stay on the path!” You can only do this if you can tune to that which is utterly invisible. Then, every tree, every bird and cloud becomes your road sign.

To move acceptably in this world requires a breaking down of every piece of knowledge acquired in the “civilized” world. The “educated” mind is useless. In fact, it is dangerous for one’s survival. Only one’s Soul knows how to maneuver properly and interact in harmony with the surrounding, tremendous forces. In this world, everything is Soul. The internal is externalized; the external is internalized. In other words: There is no separation.

In this world there are crimes that will be punished swiftly. The crimes are arrogance, the belief to know and understand when in fact we know and understand nothing.
Selfishness – the unwillingness to share and help in a world where everything is interlinked and united.

It is those and other crimes that will make us not see or heed the road signs around us.

In this world a wo/man of true power will hardly appear powerful. This stands in contrast to our “civilized” world, where we have people who are powerful in the way of money, fame and political position, but who are without genuine power in the Way of Spirit. They exist without True Power and Deep Insight – a danger unto themselves and the planet. They are like a baby playing with a loaded gun.

My entire night was spent in this shamanic world. Even if I had to get up to go to the bathroom, I slipped right back into it when lying down on the bed.

Many magical experiences transpired and upon waking in the morning, the flavor of the night remained.

How could I summarize an event like this?

- Rediscover your innocence.

- Know and understand that you know and understand not much at all.

- Be cautious! Things and people are not what they appear to be.

- Continuously ask yourself, “Who and what is before me?”

- Connect with your Soul. Listen to it.


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