A Journey In Consciousness

Monday, January 29, 2007

I am the Voice of Truth

I am the Voice of Truth.
I will speak words nobody else will speak.
I will speak words people will be afraid to say or hear.
I will speak words so true,
it will cause people to cringe with discomfort.

I too will speak words lighter than light,
touching and opening the hearts of those
who dare not have a heart.

I will speak words that are stealthy like a thief in the dark of night, stealing from you all hesitations to be kind.

The Voice of Truth I am,
designed to shake and wake you up once and for all.

I will speak for all the hearts that know me,
but are too fearful and weak
to say the emperor has no clothes.

The Voice of Truth I am.

Hear me and be changed forever.
Listen to me and be inspired
to act with courage and wisdom.

Let me into your heart and know that I am your soul.
Refuse me no more. Fear no more.
Know that I am Your Self.


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