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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hey, Hey, I'm Okay...

As I have mentioned in previous teachings, the mind-ego structure is primarily interested in the continuation of its existence and overriding control.

It will fight and resist anything it sees as a threat to its dominating position. Situations, highly potent techniques of prayer and meditation that could cause an opening into the Vast Silence ... - the mind-ego structuree will seek to cleverly circumnavigate them. 

One of the most clever ways, admirable in a way, is to use Advaita statements, especially well-suited for people who claim to be steeped in spirituality and in contact with the Masters, so much, they don't have to work on themselves. Their spirituality is merely one of conceptual acrobatic, not of transformative experience.

It is to say: I am already it. I am okay in this moment. There is nothing to do. This is the statement of Awakened Consciousness. If used by unawakened consciousness, it will guarentee the continuation of its sleep. That is what the mind ego-structure wants. It is the convenient way to to protect all the investments (and resulting perks and rewards) we may have in continuing our sleep-based life structures.

Basically, such stances are mostly unbreakable by human influence, since we are facing the soul's powerful determination to continue sleeping.

I have found it advisable to let such people sleep. Only the Universe itself will know to create the necessary, irrefutable and non-negotiable life-shocks to trigger shifts that will succeed in stirring the sleeper.

Therefore, I  feel especially grateful for meeting increasing numbers of individuals in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Japan who feel inside a powerful drive and longing for awakening. 

To me, meeting such individuals is such a joy and gives rise to the feeling of existing inside a very special matrix: the matrix of the Soul Family.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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