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Monday, February 12, 2007

On the Chakras

By Andreas Mamet

As I mentioned before, the Chakras are essentially gates into various aspects of Universal Presence, or Divine Presence, if you wish. I think using the term “Universal Presence” is good, as it bypasses religious dogmas and differences.

There are many Chakras in the body. If we research different systems, we will come up with contradictory conclusions concerning their location. My answer is: Take all the different maps that exist about the Chakras. Put them on top of each other and you will probably get the correct bigger picture.

To start, the Chakras can be subdivided into major and minor Chakras.

The 7 major Chakras are (names in Sanskrit):

1st Chakra
It is called Muladhara Chakra. It is located at the base of the spine. This chakra does not regulate our sexuality, as one may think. Sex is not mankind’s first concern; survival is. So, this is the Survival Chakra. This is the level of the cave man, or more contemporary, the level of, for example, street gangs. Imagine a killing over a handful of dollars or a small bag of drugs. If this happens, the 1st Chakra is in control.

2nd Chakra
It is called Swadisthana Chakra. It is where the sexual organ is located, slightly above the 1st Chakra. If we have a focus on sexuality to the point of addiction that does not know how to stop and consider the consequences and havoc that excessive sexual conduct can create, then we have the 2nd Chakra in control.

3rd Chakra
It is called Manipura Chakra. It is located at the navel (Note: some systems show the 3rd Chakra at the solar plexus. To me this is simply another Chakra, not the 3rd.)

This Chakra regulates power. This is where mankind dukes it out over position. You can see this in a corporate structure where people are in competition to outmaneuver each other to get the highest position. The intention here is not just to get more money and status, but ultimately the goal here is to experience the specific satisfaction that is gained from gaining CONTROL OVER THE LIVES OF OTHERS. Ultimately this plays out all the way to the stage of international politics, where one political leader wants to gain control over as many other leaders and “their” countries as possible.

The common denominator of all the first 3 Chakras here is greed and fear of not having enough. Mankind in general functions predominantly along the lines of these first 3 Chakras.

The 4th Chakra
It is called Anahata Chakra. The Divine Experience begins here. This is the abode of Pure Love and the beginning of un-selfish modalities. Here starts the capacity of loving without self-centered agendas. Here you become capable of genuine concern for the well being of others, all the way to the utterly impersonal. Here you become aware of somebody’s suffering and you send an anonymous letter with cash to help with rent or food, not wanting anything in return.

When you concentrate on this Chakra, a tremendous experience of Essence of Universal Sweetness can be released. This experience is satisfying and fulfilling beyond words. If this happens to you, you wish that all people on the planet could have this happening also.

The 5th Chakra
It is called Vishuddhi Chakra. Located in the throat. It is my understanding that this Chakra obviously regulates our world of speech and expression. What is interesting here is that this Chakra is pretty much in the service of whatever degree of consciousness we represent. If we operate on predominantly through the first 3 Chakras, what will come through our voice will be in the service of those domains. We will use the voice… - to obtain.

If we have a strong degree of 4th Chakra activation, the voice will start functioning in ways designed to uplift, support and heal others.

Another interesting aspect: There are people who have passed through certain periods of spiritual training, for example Mantra Chanting or other disciplines, which have brought this Chakra into a higher degree of activation. Therefore, these people have acquired what I call the capacity for “Mantric Speech.” This means that they can say something --- and it BECOMES SO. This is an existentially neutral phenomenon (like electricity). However, this is potentially both wonderful and dangerous.

When such a person voices a beautiful wish for you – it sticks and it becomes true. The Power of Blessing.

But if such a person voices a very bad intention because perhaps you crossed him very badly, he may utter an ill wish over you and this ill-intended wish will seek you out and will be unstoppable. (A good example of this modality took place when King Philip and the Pope conspired to bring down the Knights Templar to get their money. On the day King Philip hanged the leader of the Templars, the latter uttered a wish of death over the King, his son and the Pope. All three died within 12 months.)

This is an example of an active and rather efficient throat Chakra. A blessing or a curse will come true here.

Everybody should be extremely aware of what they are speaking because everybody creates with speech. Even an ordinary person can bring heaven or hell to another human being. Most people, however, do not have the self-witnessing capacity to hear themselves speak or see themselves act. One has to be very conscious in order to self-observe. This is what Christ meant when he said “People do not know what they do.” They don’t.

For an adept with a very active voice manifestation power it is imperative and of pivotal importance to watch what s/he says.

The 6th Chakra -The 3rd Eye
Ajna Chakra (This Pronounces “Agya”). Located between the eyebrows. Here things are starting to become very cosmic. If you concentrate on this chakra, the space can now expand and expand until the Universe is contained in that expansion. It is an enormous experience which will annihilate everything you were taught about “how the world functions.” In actuality, very few things really function the way we were taught.

Even if you have this experience only once for a few seconds, it will leave you altered forever. It will be impossible to return to the old unconscious modalities of living.

Other aspects also will start kicking in with the continued activation of this Chakra: The Universal Mind will reveal knowledge, information and wisdom of laser-like precision through you. The way this works is kind of interesting.

Imagine… there you are… without any particularly extraordinary modality. But suddenly a person comes before you and presents a question on the level of deep soul sincerity (it’s rare, but it happens).

Instantly, being triggered like this, out of Nowhere (Now Here) information, insights come out of your mouth that are utterly amazing and hugely relevant for the person (who triggers you). This is the Universal replacing and overriding our small mind.

The 7th Chakra.
Sahasrara Chakra. Located slightly above the head.
This is the realm where you have Communion with all the Buddhas and all the Christs and the heavy hitters among the Archangels (pardon the expression, I kind of like it…) If you have a root master this is the place where you can always find him.

Past this, however, there exists the entry into the VOID. This is the GREAT SILENCE. Here you will not find any attributes, no bliss, no ecstasy, nothing. This is the great ABSENCE of everything. When the Buddha talks about the experience of No-Self (Anatta), he means this.

There is absolutely no reference here to anything called Self. It is gone.

Gone. Gone. Forever gone beyond.

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha

This is a wonderful moment to conclude this transmission on the subject of the Chakras even though more could be said also on the minor Chakras that govern the hands (healing power) ears (clairaudience) and so on. I will say more later also on the Hara, which exists outside of the Yogic Systems.

“What separates a fully Awakened One – a Buddha – from the rest of mankind is his experience of oneness with mankind” A.M.


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