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Sunday, October 16, 2011

From my heart to yours

Dearest Friend,

You are in a position where you could reach out to the world and make a genuine, powerful difference, adding to the process that efficiently alleviates suffering and brings life-altering insight concerning the fact that mankind is in grave danger right now. Mankind is very close to a very serious collapse, due to an incredible amount of accumulated greed and ignorance that is now reaching critical mass.

This collapse is about to take place on many levels simultaneously, financial and economical, environmental and political.

Many people, however, remain in utter blissful oblivion of this or, if somehow perceiving these dangers, believe they will not be affected by the coming changes (this is called normalcy bias, a socio-psychological term).

We are close to the collapse of civilization, as we know it.

Time will show us that affording ourselves the luxury of not responding to the disturbing signs everywhere to the full extend that we could, remaining at the sidelines in this war between light and darkness for strategic and tactical reasons that we believe will protect our career, continued social climbing to reach the top of success ---- will be a huge mistake the depth of which will only become clear as we mature more as souls. Or simply put, time will tell.

I deeply sympathize with the focus on the next step, a step that will bring us… well, what? Bring us … more of what we already have? I too was in that position once, of calculating the next step that was designed to bring me more and more. Until one day I lost $1,000,000, which changed my life and made me realize that I had gotten off the path, that I was lost in WANTING MORE.

What loss does one require to awaken to that which is most essential in life?

How much is enough? How much more do we want from life and the universe before we make a decision that now is the time to give to the world and no more just take from it?

It is important to reflect if our taking is well balanced by our giving. It is important to remember that we depended on people helping us to get where we got and in mindfulness of that to reflect if we have become helpers to others.

I am free to speak my truth. I have found freedom in ways that you cannot even imagine. I have discovered detachment from the world, from what people think about me and in that discovery I found something totally shocking: I found happiness.

I never thought happiness was connected to detachment.Therefore when it came, I was amazed. Detach from desires, from wanting, from people’s approval and their responses and immense freedom and happiness will result. We think happiness will come if some outer condition changes, if something is less, something else is more – then happiness will be there, it will be greater and better.

Big mistake. It does not work that way.

This is a letter of a different kind, one of those not often seen in life. We are not impressed with fame and wealth. We are only impressed by seeing powerful action from the radiant core of the soul, where there resides the electrifying courage to take substantial action in the face of that which is recognized to be evil. We are impressed with compassion in action that is based on acute awareness of what is taking place in the world. The moment we become aware of something we know is wrong, we become responsible. We become a participant and our silence becomes supportive of that we know is wrong.

We are impressed with compassion in action that is fearlessly courageous and ready to fiercely enter the battle for those values that reside at the sacred center of the sentient soul. We know those values to be kindness and love. And we know that to stand up and act on behalf of those values is not for cowards and the faint at heart. We know this requires a lion heart, the ability to move against all kinds of societal currents, the currents that are dominated by indifference and unconsciousness. It requires the living ability to move against dark threats, real or imagined. It requires awe-inspiring civil courage.

One of my favorite sayings is “Evil Grows Where Good People Do Nothing.” The world is full of those good people. Don’t be one of them.




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