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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tantra: It is not what you think

In India, the Science of Tantra has existed for many thousands of years. What is Tantra? There are many different, multi-dimensional aspects to the world of Tantra.

The aspect I wish to address begins when inside the individual there arises a deep longing to know and experience God first-hand. This longing is the basis of all true spiritual endeavors. It is by the power of this longing that the individual will gradually draw near to herself a deepening intimate relationship with the Divine.

It is this longing that will bring to the individual new situations, new people and new, highly impactful methods that will create a tangible empowerment in her life. It is this longing that will bring about transformation.

In Asia this longing has long been known. The persons who were captured by it became sannyasins. A sannyasin is a person whose life is utterly dedicated to God Realization. In the West, when this longing struck, people have often renounced the world, withdrawn into monasteries to engage in practices designed to bring them closer to the Divine.

When this longing is felt intensely, the seeker may be consumed by a feeling that arises from the very depth of her heart. It may express like this: "Oh God, I wish to see You, feel You at all times. Remove from me all veils that prevent me from seeing You. Oh God, I wish to merge with You completely. Let me drown in Your Presence utterly."

From the point of view of the Indian mystic, this outpouring would constitute a Tantric request, the request to experience union with the Divine.


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