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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feedback from Ilga

Here is what Ilga has to say after the last workshop in Paris, for which she flew in from Riga.

Ilga Misane

Durga every day... In addition to the daily practice, sometimes I'm doing it spontaneously (when I get the feeling...).
1. I've been unusually forgetful these days, though much calmer and self-reliant, uplifted yet grounded. In a way, I feel safer and more comfortable with myself than before. The confidence has further increased...
2. My neck tensions are almost gone!
3. I've noticed that the expression of my face and my behavior has changed.

4. People look at me and react to me differently (than before workshop). In fact, they are nicer to me! :))))
5. Yesterday, I bought a small Durga (Dur-ga!!!) figurine....
6. I have a feeling of expansion and just knowing some things...
7. Yet, I don't see huge sums of money on my bank account and my emerald rings - where are they, actually? :)))))))))
So, Andreas, thanks again for giving me this possibility, for this wonderful experience and for being a real teacher to me, for caring so much and for bringing love and light! And thanks Raylene, for encouragement, kindness, love and caring, sharing your experiences and your book and tea! And thanks, Olivier - for being so kind and generous! And thanks to all my new friends - I'm so glad I had a chance meeting you! I keep going and I'm enjoying my journey.... GA (Sanskrit)=GO, by the way! :)
I can only recommend that people come to Paris for the workshops and see for themselves how their world is going to change in most tangible ways... You are going to meet wonderful people and become real friends with them, like I did! I And Paris is certainly worth seeing, too, by the way! :)
Love and light, light, light, light... :)


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