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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blueprints of the Soul

Every soul comes with a blueprint of behavior and projects, of things it wants to accomplish in this life.

However, this blueprint then gets forgotten in the process of getting educated and programmed along the lines of the particular values, promoted norms and the status quo of ignorance of any given society on this planet.

While there exist multiple reasons for the arising of depression, one major reason for the individual's experience of depression is the separation from the soul's purposes and projects. Other superficial purposes have overridden the soul's blueprint and are being pursued and given energy instead.

The soul will tolerate this only for a certain period of time before a great sadness sets in. This sadness functions as a messenger of the soul. It says: Wake up, change your goals and priorities and let me be in command of your life again.

And only in the arising of cooperation with one's own soul will this great sadness lift.

If one continues to refuse to cooperate with the guidelines of one's own soul, then we will find ourselves on a collision course with life itself.

And guess who will win.


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