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Friday, April 25, 2008

C'est la vie a Paris: Le Ciel de Paris

Yesterday our very dear friend Catherine said to us .. ″Let us celebrate″ ... A short while later she drove us into an underground parking garage. We stepped out of the car and walked to the elevator. We had no idea where we were. The elevator moved very fast and to our surprise did not stop until it had reached the 56th floor. We stepped out to find ourselves in a restaurant with the most breathtaking view imaginable. The tip of the Eiffel Tower was on the same level. Paris lay below in the most panoramic view we had ever seen.

The amazing experience continued with the most subtle array of tastes I have ever enjoyed during a French dinner.

Then as the sun set, the world-famous lights of Paris gradually began to spread below, as coffee was being served.

Thank you, Catherine, for this wonderful experience...


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