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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cultivate and nourish the longing to experience this...

As I continue to speak to people and engage in the silly effort of explaining what happens in Samadhi, here is a part of what I said last weekend in Brussels.

Imagine that your consciousness is merely just a tiny, tiny presence associated with and in your body. Now imagine that this consciousness expands. Imagine that it now has expanded to include every atom filling the room you are in.

This now means that your body exists within your consciousness, so does every other body in the room. Whatever is in the room, it is part of you, inside of you. Even though the other bodies are separate, you have the very clear perception of merely looking at your very own being as you look at the “others.”

Now, dialog is becoming a joke, a kind of pretense, comparable to a puppeteer who is holding tow puppets in his hand, pretending them to have a conversation.

This experience is why Bodhisattvas have delivered the seemingly impossible vows to liberate all sentient beings across the Universes. Why would they say such a silly, impossible thing? Because they relate to all sentient beings in the way we relate to our fingers and toes and so on. We feel a clear relationship with our fingers. But the Bodhisattva has the same type of tangible relationship with all sentient beings. They exist inside of him and therefore, their suffering is personal to him/her.

This is the foundation of his vow.

Now continue to imagine. Imagine your consciousness simply explodes into all directions… the drop disappears, only infinity exists.

Then we have a taste of the Buddhas. Then we have a taste of Samadhi.


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