A Journey In Consciousness

Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday night, 3 A.M.

When Christ was on the cross, the inside could not have been more separate and distant from the outside. On the outside, his body was suffering. On the inside his transformation soared into unspeakable dimensions, inconceivable to the human imagination. Sunlight turned into a 1000 suns and the occasion, an initiation for him, also turned into an initiation for some of the ones that loved him and had the courage to be present at this moment in time.

Mary Magdalene was present with Christ as he was on the cross; she was the recipient of a transmission that was immense. From the heart of Christ a shaft of Light exploded, and reached and pierced the heart of Mary Magdalene. What Mary Magdalene experienced in this moment was an explosion of ecstasy and agony both. The ecstasy of becoming one with Christ (this moment was her enlightenment) and the agony of seeing Her Beloved’s body in pain.

After that point, there was no more division between herself and Christ. She was God-realized as Jesus and emanated blessings and healings as he did. Whether or not this was realized by those who recorded history, she lived and breathed this reality until her own death.


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