A Journey In Consciousness

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Friday Night Entry

There is something I like to clarify concerning my Friday night entry.

I gave it that title because this event happened to me. I wrote these statements not because I read about them or thought they represent interesting philosophical data, but because I experienced this at that point in time. My consciousness was there and experienced what I described. There was experience and knowing that arose in the event just like when you directly witness a sunrise, rather than read about it.

Generally, the untrained mind does not know to differentiate between an intellectual concept and a direct experience, as strange as that might sound. Only if one stops and reflects and asks, do I really know this in my marrow, or am I just promoting a concept that I find agreeable, then one realizes that one actually .... does not have direct knowing and experience.

This entry is a sharing of what was at that moment a very deep and profound direct experience.


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