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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Many lightyears

It feels like lightyears have passed since my last entry. And positively I have traversed into an new galaxy by being here. Mount Shasta feels like a faraway dream and Paris is slowly approaching on the horizon. I am positive that I have not worked with so many people in such an intense manner as now. I also can safely say that the media exposure that we are having right now is simply unparalleled. Our 4th interview is scheduled for tomorrow and next week we are getting interviewed on a Tokyo radio show that beams out to the rest of Japan.

So far we had almost 70 individual sessions, the workshop last weekend went fantastic. This weeked we are free to relax and it is just on time, we need a moment to breathe.

Cherry blossom is very close. The picture below was with a tree that was in a warmer area in an underground mall that seemed to sprawl forever beneath Osaka. So, it was a little bit ahead of his brothers.

One is in love with the Spirit of Japan.


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