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Monday, March 05, 2007

Teachings In Japan

I have very little time to be on the computer now.

But here is the update.

As the plane descended to land at Tokyo airport, waves of joy washed through my body. The entire system went into recognition mode. Japan is like being more at home than I could describe. I will just say that there were tears as we took the shuttle bus into Tokyo. And now enough of that.

We went to bed that night very tired and very happy. The next day was completely filled with interviews, reporters and photo shoots. We gave a mini individual sessions for the photographer.

The next day we were off to Osaka, where we are right now.

At this point the pace increased further. We spent the entire Sunday at a Spiritual Fair here in Osaka and we pretty much saw people for 10 hours straight. No lunch, just a few rice balls thrown in. Around noontime we gave a one-hour talk to about 100 people.
At one point we did a little exercise where we invited everybody to look at each other, hold hands and simply say ... to the other... you are beautiful.
While this would have been not much in California, we are in Japan and this was revolutionary here. They were blown away. They loved it. Grateful at the opportunity of being able to break out of the daily societal restrictions that do not condone the display of affection in this way.

I was prepared for seeing many people, but this really surprised me greatly.

On Monday this mode continued and it was individual sessions back to back.

Today, we have a few hours and tomorrow the pace is increasing again.

I will try to get back to the computer when possible, but please do not expect much.

Oh, I just found out that the English magazine I mentioned before is buying another article I wrote. Plus I found out Raylene book in Italy will come out in fall.


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