A Journey In Consciousness

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some Reflections

As we spend time in different countries and cultures, the contrasts become very accentuated. Looking at the USA from afar, several observations arise.

Throughout time empires were subjected to cycles of expanding and contracting, just like everything else in this Universe is governed by these modalities. But there seem to be certain indications that point to the decline of a nation or an empire. To me the most important cue that reveals the decline of a society can be found in the decrease of civil, courteous and respectful behavior that its citizens have for one another. This is a huge and telling indicator.

The other cue that I personally find to reveal the course of a society can be found in the way it spends money on military expenses. The US is now approaching a degree of spending that reminds me of the spending the Soviet Union engaged in (knowingly lured into by the US) that led to its collapse.

Food for thought.


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