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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Great Work

A wise man once said, “The Great Work is best not started. But once started, it is best completed.”

This is a strange statement. What does it mean?

The Great Work. He uses this term to describe the Great Work that has to be done in order for the individual to awaken. And in order to awaken, the individual has to move away from the matrix of all ordinary men, the matrix of the sleeping souls. Right away, things become complicated and immediately, by virtue of activating the intention to find Awakening, the individual enters a profound isolation, since the vast majority of people in his environment do not share this intention.

Then, complexities continue. Now he has to find the right tools to work with in order to move closer to Awakening. And, he has to find the right people to associate with in order to find support for attaining this goal, since without proper support, it is almost impossible to realize the intention of Awakening.

Then, if those conditions have been met successfully, the individual has to cultivate daily practice and the proper attitudes, again to support the goal of Awakening. He has to hold steady for a very long time, and holding steady is not in the nature of the mind.

It is for that purpose the wise man says, “Don’t bother, stay asleep. The task is too difficult. Enjoy your illusions. But if you decide to enter the journey, then have the strength and determination to finish it.”

My observation with many seekers is that there is insufficient determination to complete the task at hand and see a practice to its flowering and mastery. The disease of spiritual tourism is rampant, especially in the New Age.

The good news, however, is that an individual whose practice has deepened over time and experiences of Samadhi are taking place, becomes a beacon of light on the planet. She will be naturally capable of assisting others in the process of Awakening.

And, as I have mentioned before, her light will easily balance and neutralize the darkness and negativity of many. How wonderful!


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