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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Marie Madeleine

France is the country of Mary Magdalene. There exist innumerable sites and churches dedicated to her. There is no other country on earth which represents dedication and devotion like this.

Yesterday we went to the Opera area. Very close to the Opera there is the Church of Mary Magdalene. This church is huge.

We went to see it in the afternoon and the moment I opened the door, immediately a Presence entered my being that nourished me completely. I sat in meditation and for the next 30 minutes I simply bathed in this healing quality, finding myself nourished all the way to my marrow. There are many churches in Paris and this kind of Presence cannot be felt in this manner often. It is unusual.

As we left the church, it was sunset and we looked straight onto the obelisk located a quarter mile from the church.

It was a glorious feeling and simply another invitation from this country that said, Good, you are here. You have arrived in the right place. Stay.

France embraces again.


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