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Monday, June 19, 2017

Letter to a friend

Dear Friend,
Kindly allow me to share some reflections.

No matter where we are at, we continue to learn, grow, and unfold. This process never stops. Even if we have entered the journey of awakening, this process continues. If there are events of samadhi, or even the very rare event of Sustained Samadhi, even then we continue learning. The Universe gives us invitations and opportunities to learn.

In this way we stay humble. The necessity to reflect upon how we conduct ourselves continues. Every atom of our existence must become conscious. We are never above the need for reflection and possible self-correction. Even the greatest Masters look at their lives and consider if there are better ways.

These days Buddhism is very popular.  However,  the Buddha also did not like women. If you look closely at the Buddhist structures, it shows.

I like to think that awakening takes place in a process of evolution. Awakened beings stand on each other’s shoulders.  Therefore, awakening too becomes more refined and intelligent. It does no just repeat or replicate. It grows and evolves!

We can go back into the past and copy old ways of spirituality that in fact have proven to be limited and outdated. Or we can start a revolution today and embrace the spirituality of the future, which is a spirituality that activates the totality of our intelligence.

Intelligence is not just intellectual. It takes place on many levels and dimensions. There is emotional, psychological and sexual intelligence. There is intelligence that is artistic and psychic. There are many ways of activating intelligence that we cannot even imagine right now. The movie “Lucy” with Scarlett Johanson and Morgan Freeman explores this fascinating topic.
My choice of spirituality involves the activation of the totality of our latent intelligence. I cannot be content with anything less. This is my choice.

It is all of our choice. We can become 21st century bodhisattvas and create OUR OWN STYLE along the lines of the greatest, luminous intelligence possible. We can take the chance of risking to be who we truly are.  We can create a new way of being on this planet and a new spirituality.  Or we can just repeat the past. All religions and spiritual avenues of the past have not made humanity any better or more peaceful. It is up to us to choose a greater intelligence, a greater harmony and a greater compassion.

It is time for a new approach and a new way. We can make that choice today. Now.


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