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Monday, June 19, 2017

The Mantra Transmission Circle

n this method we create a circle of people who sing the mantras. Then we place people in the center who just sit quietly and receive the mantras. In the center the effect of the mantras is most concentrated and the depth of meditation that can be reached is utterly amazing. We create a very powerful Presence of Meditation that otherwise would be difficult to create.

The Mantra Transmission Circle is the most powerful meditation method that I know. It links up the consciousness of everyone in the circle through Mantra to help the people in the middle to go beyond the limits of their own consciousness. In this process, the persons in middle can experience a tremendous expansion, deepening and purification of consciousness that is vastly beyond the state consciousness of any single person present. No other method does this.

This method represents the very essence of friends helping each other to find liberation.


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