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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Stop and think...

Within the context of observing our daily behavior I want to present you what I found on the internet. I is called THINK. It is an invitation to reflect for a moment before we speak. 

T - Is it TRUE?
H - Is it HELPFUL?
K - Is it KIND?

We can apply this to the words we speak and also to the actions we engage in.

I made this very interesting discovery. If I can really follow this, I speak a whole lot less! I just stay silent. 

Underlying our great capacity of saying hurtful things of course is one great illness that has befallen humanity and that is the our incessant habit of judging others.

Why do we judge others? I can think of two reasons why we judge others. One, we like to feel superior. And two, we totally forget looking at our own lives.

Do you remember the story Christ where he was talking to a crowd of people who were ready to stone a woman who had commited adultery? Interestingly, this terrible act of stoning women seems to arise again in the mid-east. It apparently has never quite gone away. 

Christ really had a very powerful way of teaching through imagery or by simply asking questions. The question that he posed to people was this: If you are free of any kind of bad behavior in your life, then go ahead. You be the first one to stone the woman.  He made people stop and look at their own lives for a moment. Then he said, if you are so virtuous, then go ahead and be the first to pick up a stone. By doing so he stopped the entire crowd from killing the woman.

That is what a Master does. He makes you look at yourself.


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