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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Letter to a friend

Dearest Friend,
Whatever we believe or "know" about life on our planet is based on fiction or outright ignorance. We truly do not know and the level of collective ignorance on our planet is beyond amazing. Equally, we know nothing about the actualities of the secrets that are locked away in our minds and bodies. We live in a world of fiction, calling it reality and if we were to be faced with both the truth of outer and inner reality, we would call it fiction. It is for that reason that the yogis say that once we awaken, all values reverse.

Good becomes bad, bad becomes good, day becomes night and night becomes day. This is actually written in the Bhagavad Gita.

What is necessary is to cultivate a growing thirst, a desire to actually and truly know and experience the truth on every single level and in every single dimension of life.

This desire must penetrate every atom of our being and once it does, that which was secret and hidden from us, will approach us, will become transparent and revealed to us.

Therefore, allow this Most Important Desire of All to blossom inside you until you want to know all the Mysteries of the Universe more than you want air.

Sincerely, Andreas (Karunesh)
PS As I thought of you today, this arose.


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