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Friday, March 05, 2010

Shadow Dynamics

"Every human being has shadows. If we refuse to acknowledge this and refuse to consciously face and deal with our shadows, there comes a point when those shadows externalize and become tangible in our direct life experience.

When this happens, our shadows have reached critical mass and will create situations beyond our control. The discomfort of facing our shadows will then pale next to the discomfort of the out-of-control explosion of the shadow unleashed."

Therefore, any substantial spiritual school will point to the existence of our shadows and say this truth: If you don't face your shadows consciously, they will dominate you and control your life in ways that will sabotage your efforts for happiness over and over again. So, when are you going to gather the courage and face your shadows, your fears, your anger, arrogance, guilt and shame?

Each time any of those emanations pass through you, keep a small notebook on you and write it down. Just make the shadows more visible to you. What will happen if you shed light on a shadow?" Andreas Mamet


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