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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's existential, Watson...

The experience of awakening is entirely an existential phenomenon.

Just as breathing, or laughing or swimming in the ocean is entirely existential, so is awakening entirely non religious, non-spiritual, non-anything. But since these experiences usually took place in a certain cultural or religious context, they were presented often with that flavor.

Therefore, the impression that is created is that awakening presents itself like Shakyamuni Buddha or Padmasambhava or Jesus Christ. Blueprints of outer expression, behaviour and preference are created by which the presence of awakening ... is indicated.

The fact is that all those blueprints, of how awakening presents itself on the outside, are entirely artificial and meaningless. Awakening can come in any type of expression: poor, wealthy, vegetarian, meat-eating, no sex or lots of sex. Not even non-violence is a necessary attribute, as awakening can come in the disguise of a warrior also. Surely, saying this might hurt a toe or two.

Summary - you cannot deduce awakening by anything outer. If you are stuck on a certain expression and therefore believe it cannot come otherwise, you will simply miss the Buddha as she walks by you in the shopping mall. For expressions of awakening, the sky is the limit.

It is easy "recognize" a "master" if you are in a hall with 3,000 people, all of whom think "The Holy One." But you will not recognize this consciousness if you meet it in Sears or Saks.


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