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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Your Lineage ID, please...

The other day I was asked what lineage I belonged to... the question was asked within a Buddhist context. The woman was ... Buddhist.

What lineage did the Buddha belong to? If you take the trouble to research this, in case you do not know ... he was the starter of a lineage. There was nobody before him. What happened is that he learnt under many teachers of his time, only to find himself dissatisfied after having mastered what they had to teach. So he left.

The Buddha was a revolutionary in the sense that he first applied what was given to him, but then, because he felt it was insufficient, quicky went beyond.

So, he ended up doing his own thing, to say it in the old California way.

How will the answer to this question, whatever answer could be given, could be taken as an indication of consciousness? If one wants to know ... one has to look, deeply as a consciousness, to see the consciousness that stands before us. This by itself is no easy thing. To see clearly, without projecting anything, can only be done when the inside is very, very silent.

So, if you want to know what lineage one belongs to.... be very, very still and then look again...

If one were to live the spirit of the Buddha, one could not possibly find oneself proclaiming a Buddhist. Buddha brought spiritual revolution. He went deeper and beyond all spiritual teachings of his day.

So, I invoke this very spirit of the Buddha and extend this very same invitation: Let us go deeper, deeper and leave behind all the limitations of consciousness ... as we know them.


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