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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More words on words

© 2007 Andreas Mamet

Let us continue our exploration into the nature of words.

As said before, words are keys into the dimensions of power and creation. We are generally asleep to this reality because we are deeply programmed to use words in ways that are trivial or in a context of navigating life – where is the Eiffel Tower, how much are the croissants… Furthermore, during the course of living life we have many opportunities to observe words being used falsely, which causes the erosion and the lessening of our faith in the power of words.

But let us test further to experience how powerful words really are. Take a sheet of paper and write down a list of words that for you represent desirable values or experiences. Let the list be between 30 and 50 words. You will find it easy to come up with that many positive words.

For example :

Joy, happiness, fulfillment, comfort, peace, appreciation, success, support, compassion, wisdom, impact, serenity, creativity, inspiration, brilliance, radiance, networking, cooperation, flowering, discernment, communication power, unity, strength, insight, depth, harmony, love, dawn, newness, generosity, discovery, horizon, vista, flight, height, effortlessness, ease, satisfaction, infinity, opening, matrix, expansion…

Reading the above words has created a feeling for you, and in all likelihood a positive feeling. If you read such a list repeatedly, this positive feeling will expand and begin to anchor in your body.

So, try this : Create your own list of positive and powerful words as a representation of what you wish to experience in your life. Read the list (preferably out loud) every morning and evening for 10 minutes. Reading your list will be like absorbing spiritual food. It will make you feel wonderful. But not only that : Reading this list every day will begin to change and rearrange the very atoms of your life situations in ways you will greatly enjoy. I guarantee.

See for yourself. Do it. Do it for 40 days and see what happens.


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