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Friday, October 29, 2010

More Reflections On Christ

When Jesus walked there were only a handful of people that actually supported him and not many recognized what I believe to be the profound light that poured through him. In order to recognize a lot of light, you already have to BE a lot of light. That is how this works.

The darkness cannot see the light. Every human being represents a degree of light or the absence thereof. Just think of the 24 hours of a day. During that time we traverse a spectrum, from the most brilliant display of light to the moment that is pitch black. And we experience a tremendous number of shades in between.

Human beings are exactly like that. Their auras represent this same spectrum from darkness to light. The light of a Christ is not readily recognizable, because while it is Immensely Powerful, it is also immensely subtle. For that reason, I believe, he decided to display a lot of very visible actions that blew people's top off.

The healings and all the miraculous stuff --- it stopped people's sleep and caught their attention. If you touch someone and they have electricity go through their system that dramatically changes their reality on multiple levels --- that will get you thinking something unusual is at hand. And it shocks the onlookers and activates faith that could not be activated just by the Light remaining inactive and intangible.

There is a process here where the Intangible Light ... goes tangible. A clear necessity in our world. Then and now.

If you met Jesus walking through the Shopping Mall --- would you recognize him? If he wore shorts and t-shirt? Long hair or short...

This question of recognition is huge. If 2 billion people say this dude is my messiah.... that is an overwhelming PR machine that has gained overwhelming momentum. And it has nothing to do with direct experience of recognition. The power of see is one that we have to earn and to work for.

If we want to see the Divine, we have to unleash our most tearful longing and tremendous and daily sustained, heart-felt prayer and meditation. After some years of this.... those huge stone doors that protectively surround our tender hearts... might begin to budge. And the Light will pour in. And when the light starts to become tangible in your body, a process like the unfolding of a flower, then will you see it in others.


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